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Grange Park Parliament

Grange Park Parliament

Grange Park is proud to have their own school parliament. This is an opportunity to hear the views of all pupils through a democratic process.

Our School Parliament focuses on:

  • Working and learning together
  • Learning about democracy
  • Learning how to play a positive role model in our community
  • Improving our school for everyone

Each class has a class councillor. The councillors are responsible for collecting the views and issues raised in their classes. In Year Six, instead of councillors, each “family” has two MPs (Members of Parliament) who lead the School Parliament in half termly meetings. They take minutes and chair the meeting, supported by an Assistant Headteacher. The MPs meet with the Assistant Headteacher weekly, working through their action plan.  The MPs then meet with the Headteacher each half term. It is our School Parliament.

A special 'Polling Day' takes place to vote for the councillors and MPs.

First the children listened to speeches by candidates from their families.

The children were given ballot papers and then were asked to vote for the candidate they thought would represent their family the best. They placed the voting papers into the ballot box.

Our MPs 

Working together we established that our focus for this academic year would be to continue to develop lunchtimes within the school.

“We have chosen to develop lunchtimes further as they are already a fantastic part of the school day, allowing for us to socialise with our friends and enjoy a range of sports activities. We would like to further improve lunchtimes by developing a mentoring programme between younger and older children, leading playtime games and continuing to look at how we can improve our dining experience,”

Imogen, Broomfield MP

“Part of what makes our school special is how we care for each other, by working together we can make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.  We communicate with the class councillors, Lynsey and Tijen to pass ideas back and forward and make our school even better,”

Daniel, Grovelands MP

Our fantastic class councillors are excited with their their roles representing pupil voice across the school.