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World Book Day (Week!)

Work by Grace - Kingfisher class. 'Who's in the Loo?'

What a wonderful, virtual World Book Day Week we have had at Grange Park Primary!

The children have all been fabulous and it has been so lovely to see their work, competition entries and enthusiasm during the author sessions.

The children received virtual visits, workshops and Q&As from a wide range of award-winning authors.

Angela Brookes (a local author) shared her debut novel with EYFS and Year 1 - with many children scoring really high on the quiz she had made too!

But the love of reading did not stop there! Each day, Grange Park pupil’s continued to amaze us with their potato design skills, book reviews, performances, costumes and extreme reading both at home and at school. So many KS1 and KS2 children managed to guess the identities of our mysterious masked readers (however, we managed to fool a few of you!) 

Suze and I want to thank every parent, carer, teacher and pupil for their enthusiasm and dedication to World Book Day (or Week). We cannot wait to continue this love of reading, authors and book talk. Do check our school twitter for more images and information.

Sophie and Suze


Oscar - Acorn class.

A wonderful recreation of Spiderman!

Selim - Snowdrop class.

A colourful and creative fish.

Cesare - Kingfisher class.

His interpretation of the BFG.

Chris Smith.

Greg James and Chris Smith joined Year 4 for a Q&A on their best-selling series ‘Kid Normal’ and were blown away by the creativity and questioning skills.

Greg James. 

The author duo showed us that collaboration is one of the most important skills we can possess.

Fay Evans was greeted by a screen full of Year 2s wearing beards (after crafting them based on Bob’s Beard). The children listened and joined in with her stories and were full of interesting questions.

Steve Smallman taught Year 3 how to draw a dragon using his 40 years of illustration skills and read us a few stories about POO! We all laughed and joined in too. Did you know he has written over 100 books?

Lissa Evans inspired Year 4 by reading an exclusive of her latest novel and told them: “An idea can come from anywhere or anything - you just need to write.”

Speaking to the Year 5 and Year 6s: “You should call yourself a writer and have confidence in yourself.” said Kiran Millwood Hargrave. She even let us know that her best-selling book (Girl of Ink and Stars) was rejected 19 times before it was published.