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Digestive system

Skills Passport, Eliz - Leopard class.

This half term we have started a new science unit exploring our digestive system.

We have started to learn the parts of our bodies which form our digestive system as well as the important roles they play in allowing us to not only digest our food but absorb the nutrients. 

"I learnt that the digestive system is made up of 6 parts. These are the mouth which is used to make the food small. Once it is passed through the mouth, it goes through the oesophagus. That lets the food safely get to the stomach. Once in the stomach it is broken down by many acids. It also kills bacteria. Some of the particles go into the small intestine and then go in our blood. The particles that do not go into our blood go to our large intestine. That sends them out of your body." Luke -  Leopard class







Skills Passport, James - Leopard class.