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Learning Spanish

In Spanish, the children have been really busy this term.

They have been revisiting learning from previous years and adding more information to it.  In EYFS , they started with simple greetings, saying their name, counting from 0 to 10 and colours (see image below). They can also ask someone else their name!

Year 1 and 2  have learnt how to give personal information such as name, age and city where we live. 

The children can have a short conversation asking and answering questions. They also had to practice their writing skills!

Year 3 were revisiting basic words such as days of the week, months, numbers, colours and used this vocabulary to recognise and write the date in Spanish and build sentences.

In KS2 the aim of this term is to build a long conversation in Spanish based on questions and answers and recognise different verbs including the most common used verbs.

The children have been very brave practising their speaking, listening and writing skills after a long period without practising our Spanish.

"I thought I would not remember my Spanish words but when I started the lesson I realised everything was there, I just needed practise to remember it." Sidney - Jaguar