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Grange Park Primary School ‘Valuing diversity, promoting curiosity and inspiring excellence.’

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‘Valuing diversity, promoting curiosity and inspiring excellence.’

School Parliament

Grange Park Parliament


We are proud to have our very own School Parliament at Grange Park.  The Parliament gives children across the school an opportunity to express their views through the democratic process. Children learn about the democratic process prior to elections, which take place in the Autumn term. They develop skills in creating a persuasive speech which they give to their class if they want to take part in the whole school election.


Each class elects an MP (Member of Parliament) who is responsible for collecting and discussing views and issues raised by their class. Parliament also has a mandate to discuss and disseminate information on special projects to their peers, feeding back any comments and ideas at the Parliamentary meetings.


The MPs meet regularly throughout the term, they chair the meetings (supported by an Assistant Headteacher) and take minutes. Once each half term they feedback to the Headteachers, discussing progress on their special projects and raising any issues that have been discussed in their meetings.


The next election is due to take place before the end of the first half term.