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Enfield Learning Trust

W/c 23 March 2020

This week we have uploaded a range of different activities you can do at home. In our "Fun Activities" section there is also a Lego Challenge (as we know lots of children enjoy Lego and find it a great way to relax) and a Reading Challenge.

Please make sure you go on Timestable Rockstars at least 3 times a week and also do the MyMaths activity we have set.  We have also added some phonics practise, with real and nonsense words, these are great for children to practise using their phonic knowledge and develop their vocabulary, by understanding which words are real and which ones are not real.

This week there is also a Self Portrait Art project, this may be particularly relaxing for the children, please allow them to enjoy this.

Children in year 2 work better doing a little bit at a time and often, asking children to work in short bursts  is often more effective. We have put a suggested timetable into the "Home Learning Information" section, which you may find useful.

We know that everyone has different work commitments at the moment, so we have put on activities that can also be done independently by your child. Finally, remember to encourage your child to keep reading daily and to enjoy being read to as well. Please keep checking back in on this page, as we may add additional, creative activities during the week.

We are thinking of all of our families and wonderful children at this time and miss you all.

The Year 2 team