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Reading Spine

Our reading spine is designed using books – written by inspirational authors – which we value and want the children to have read by the time they leave primary education. The texts are purposefully selected to take the reader on a journey, from sharing picture books, to sharing a range of chapter books that gradually expose the reader to beautifully crafted storylines with evermore intriguing and challenging themes. Some books also fit with the year group’s history, geography and science topics.

Research shows that sharing quality narratives, which the children would not necessarily choose to read for themselves, develops not only a love of reading but improves vocabulary development and language skills, develops imagination and empathy, and enables children to learn about people, places and events outside of their own experience. In turn, this promotes achievement in all writing genres across the curriculum.

This pack contains your core texts – 1 per half term – and a poetry anthology. The books should be kept in the zippy wallet and remain available in the classroom. Children should be read to for 15 minutes each day from the half termly text indicated on the reading spine. One reading session a week should be replaced with a poem from the year group poetry anthology. 

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Reception RS

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