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Looking at 3D shapes and more...

In maths, reception children have been busy exploring the names and properties of 3D shapes as well as using non standard units of measure to see the height and length of objects and even themselves.  

In school, we have been exploring 3D shape. Here you can see really how mushc they enjoyed hunting for them in our I-Spy activity!

Enjoying measuring different objects with a cut out of his foot and measuring how many “feet” long the blackboard outside was

At home, enjoying the Weekly Challenge activity which was creating a tally chart of cars of certain colours. She could not believe that nobody had chosen green for a car colour in her local area


Adam and Mario, Bluebell

We also set the challenge to make a rainbow. The children were very creative with their rainbows. Here they used coloured stones to make their rainbow

Creating a rainbow using different Lego pieces. Great sorting!

Enjoying colouring their own rainbow

Alex, Bluebell

To link with our Learning Quest, we have been learning about different habitats and last week explored a pond habitat. We explored and discovered the different types of animals and creatures that are found in and near a pond.

Alex, Bluebell

At home drawing the different pictures and labelled the different types of animals that are found in a pond. Even managing to find some baby snails!

Marco, Bluebell

Here is a fabulous drawing of a dragonfly -another creature that is found near ponds.