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Science and D&T in Year 3

What a busy term with so much learning going on, along with e-safety and wellbeing weeks added in for good measure.

The children have worked really hard this first half of the year, and we are very much looking forward to see how they continue to progress after the half term break.

Science and Maths

In science we have been exploring the human body as part of our focus on the skeletal system.  As well as identifying the different parts of the skeleton in the previous session, we combined it with our maths measuring unit of reading scales.  Pupils investigated how their skeletons were all different shapes and sizes and what makes them unique.  For this they had to carry out different tests, record their data and then evaluate their findings.


Design and Technology

This term we have been exploring sewing techniques to create bronze age bags for hunter gatherers.  This has involved practising stitches, designing a bag, constructing out bag by joining the materials and finally evaluating our final outcome.  The children have been really challenged by this unit, and it was great to see them challenge themselves and overcome barriers in order to make their bags.