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Learning quest topics

In Reception all the children have been thoroughly involved in our learning quest topic “Living and Growing”.

We have planted our own seeds and beans which are growing wonderfully well and have explored the grounds even further, managing to spot the odd newt and frog in our school pond. 

We also focused on our Artist of the term “Vincent van Gogh” and his famous Sunflower painting. The children were given the opportunity to use a variety of media to recreate the masterpiece and created some beautiful pieces of their own.

Our new Talk 4 Writing book is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The children have been completely immersed in the life cycle of a caterpillar and have even received their very own class caterpillars to look after! We have been carefully observing any changes daily and are looking forward to our caterpillars getting ready to transform into butterflies. 

We have also been very experimental and to further our understanding of how plants work, we took part in our very own science experiment where white carnations are placed in coloured water. The children made predictions such as “The petals will change colour” and “Maybe the leaves will change colour!”. We also had some wonderful use of language: “The stem is like a straw, it sucks up the water!” We look forward to observing and discussing all of the changes with our plants, caterpillars and flower experiments.