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Practising sounds

Reception have been continuing to practice their sounds and have now nearly completed set 1!

The children have been enjoying a variety of activities such as magnetic letters, initial sounds hunt and phonics eye spy.  It has also been fantastic to see, via Tapestry, that the children have been busily practising their red words, these words are particularly tricky as, "You can't Fred a red!".  We have also enjoyed creating our own beautiful firework paintings. We talked about Guy Fawkes, and discussed how to keep safe on bonfire night.

"Guy Fawkes tried to burn down the important building in London (Parliament) but King James caught him and put him into prison". George - Snowdrop.

Initial sounds hunt. 

A bright firework display. 

"We have to wear gloves when we use sparklers and put them in water when we are finished so we don’t burn ourselves. We need to keep pets inside because they get scared."

Mehndi design from this Year 1 girl.

Working hard on his Mehndi design.