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Grange Park Primary School ‘Valuing diversity, promoting curiosity and inspiring excellence.’

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‘Valuing diversity, promoting curiosity and inspiring excellence.’


Day 5: The final day!

Once again all slept well after dancing the night away (well until 9:00pm). Pack lunches made and bags packed, the children are heading off for their final two activities here at Bawdsey Manor straight after breakfast. We will be sending a message via Parent Mail with the arrangements for pick up later today. See you all this afternoon.

Day 4: Thursday evening update

Our last full day and what a great day we have had. EVERYONE loved the zip wire and honed their orienteering skills as well as solving some interesting problems (ask them to test you when they get in). They built buggies and are now about to dance the night away at the disco. I will put photo's on the gallery when I get back from dancing - it will be later tonight. We don't want to leave but we are also looking forward to getting home and sleeping in our own beds. See you all tomorrow.


Day 4: Thursday morning update

All children (and adults) slept well after the exhausting day yesterday and we had to wake most rooms this morning. We are about to head off for breakfast. Today’s activities include the zip wire - which everyone is looking forward to doing. We can’t believe this will be our last full day of activities, the time has gone so quickly. Tonight, the children will pack their things, tidy their rooms and put on their dancing shoes for the disco!


Day 3: Wednesday evening update

Apologies for no update this morning, I am having issues with the internet link which keeps dropping out. Pictures are proving difficult to upload but I am persevering and hopefully will have more for you tonight.


We have had a fantastic day again with the children really pushing themselves to try new activities. Many have set themselves personal challenges - climbing just a little higher each time, trying to get a bullseye in the archery, building the highest tower using shells on the beach and beating their teachers at every competitive opportunity! They are all playing hide and seek just now - with the teachers hiding from the children! I suspect there will be a bit of rule bending going on as I know the staff have planned where they will hide and that they will move around every so often to confuse the children! 


We have planned a slightly earlier bedtime to give them chance to have a shower, tidy up their rooms and get a good night's sleep.


Postcards have been sent today so hopefully you will get them before the children come home on Friday. Please check the gallery either later tonight or in the morning when I hope there will be some more pictures to look at.


Day 2: Tuesday evening update

What an amazing day we have had. The children (and teachers) have tired themselves out with lots of climbing, jumping, running and bouncing on trampolines! Everyone has tried something new and many have surprised themselves with what they achieved. Children asleep by 10:30 and teachers all turning in pretty early. Looking forward to another packed day tomorrow.

Have uploaded some new pictures onto the Year 6 gallery page.


Day 2: Tuesday morning update


Had an interesting night! All in bed by 9:30pm with a curfew to stop talking and lights out at 10:00pm. We had an impromptu fire drill at 9:55pm when the alarms were set off by a child spraying deodorant in their bedroom. Evacuation went quite smoothly considering they were all in their pyjamas – the children were very sensible. At least they know what the alarm sounds like and where to muster if it goes off again. Straight to bed and lights out when they got back in.


All slept well and have eaten breakfast. Preparing for a day of activities to include: giant swing, fencing, beach/coastal walk, Jacob’s ladder, sensory trail, challenge course (obstacles), trapeze, aeroball and buggy building. Weather is lovely and sunny, all very excited - especially the teachers!


Monday: 9:00pm

Arrived safely just in time for lunch. Weather is amazing - brilliant blue sky if a little chilly. Children had a fun afternoon playing a variety of games then settled into their accommodation. Had a hearty dinner then off to the campfire. They are about to go to bed - lights out a 10:00. I will try to upload some photographs tonight, once teachers have had the chance to send them to me. More tomorrow.